Circle Back

Deep Vellum, January 2021

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In Leah Tieger’s stunning second chapbook, Circle Back, “There is no blessing for the American landscape at night.” … Nobody is good. Nobody, not even the speaker, can break from the “frame of [their] own making.” Still, this work insists that the world—even in its current state—can be reset, like sugar unspun inside a mouth. Tieger’s deconstruction of form and common narratives is exactly the resistance we need right now. – Taneum Bambrick, Vantage

In Circle Back, Leah Tieger considers how our lawns and kitchens and living rooms have been touched over and over again by the current political moment … Bold, unafraid, these poems ask: Even with the people we love, are we together in this new America? Can we get through this? – Jehanne Dubrow, American Samizdat


We and She, You and Then, You Again

Finishing Line Press, 2017

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In this shifting corporeal landscape, decay and regrowth work in tandem to cultivate a rich and complicated understanding of desire.

—Rochelle Hurt

Reading these poems is an act of profound opening; prepare to be unfastened, unraveled and, most generously of all, unburdened.

—Joe Milazzo